The first mobile app that rewards you every time
you enter into the store.
It's that simple.

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Maintenant plus de 12000 magasins où gagner des points STEPS partout en France :

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Discover a new way to shop

Choose a store ... and win STEPS by entering into the store ! Just walk in. It's that simple.
STEP-IN rewards you for opening the door !
Then choose and get your gift by converting your STEPS directly in-app !
To win more STEPS, it's easy: in the comfort of your own home, take a look at the retailers products catalogs and earn more STEPS... That's it.

How does it work ?

  • 1 Choose a store nearby
  • 2 Walk into the store and earn your STEPS !
  • 3 Exchange your STEPS earned with the gifts in-app
  • 4 To collect even more STEPS, it is just that easy


STEP-IN was born from a slightly whacky idea : turn shopping into a completely new and pleasurable experience…

Up until now, this has been impossible : we are constantly bombarded by offers promising good deals that hide binding and complicated loyalty programs that we receive by mail, by e-mail on our cell phones, everywhere… And in the end, we always end up spending a fortune with minimal rewards in return!

So we started to dream : « imagine strolling through stores and without doing anything in particular, you receive gifts ! » Something like : you spend nothing and yet you win ! Half the team burst into laughter refering to us as idealists, but the other half wanted to believe that such a thing was possible.

We moved forward with our idea and it works : by simply walking into a store, money begins to fall from the sky ! Since coins falling on one’s head could be painful and bills are easily blown away by the wind, we created Steps. Collect Steps and exchange them for gifts. Great isn’t it ?

The STEP-IN team

Investors and board

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StepIn 32 rue des Jeuneurs
75002 Paris
Tel. : 01 47 66 02 13


Press agency : Sine Nomine
Erika Chapelain or Stéphane Cloutour